Tuesday, February 28, 2017


You are about to embark upon a unique reading experience. Critique relating to my work is welcomed, religious commentary is not. Thank you.

Dark Resurrection is a horror/romance/comedy novel about Jesus Christ rising from the dead in the middle of the night as a somewhat conflicted, bloodthirsty vampire. A good and just man in life, Jesus finds that his quasi-Buddhist worldview has not changed and resolves to take only those he considers evil. His lovely ex-prostitute girlfriend Mary Magdalene, who he brings to the vampiric realm outside his tomb the following evening out of his love for her, is not at all like Jesus is. She is a vicious, cynical, at times foul mouthed vampiress that will take anyone crossing her path unless good Jesus is there to stop her. The Magdalene loves Jesus, yes, and he loves her, but at times she looks at him as little more than an introspective fool and makes that quite clear to Jesus as they wander about Judea and elsewhere. His jaded father, Joseph of Bethlehem, is as insulting toward his undead son Jesus as Archie Bunker was to Meathead, and his mother Mary is as much of a clueless dingbat as Edith Bunker was. If you want serious laughs from a serious underlying story - this book is the one to read.

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